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If you are in Poland and looking for audio gear – an amp, receiver, turntable, player, speakers, a whole stereo system, write to:

A side-effect of our hobby is that we almost always have audio gear to spare.
We are also happy to offer advice on your potential purchases, equipment matching, connections etc.



  1. Amandeep Singh Baath

    I have a ENBEE ZX1 and ENBEE ZX80 music system with speakers, am interested in selling it can you help me. My mob no is 7018673649. Regards

    1. rafal lisinski Post author

      Were based in Europe (Poland to be exact), so I’m afraid we won’t be of much help if you want to sell locally, and if you want to sell internationally you can effectively achieve the same (or better) result by simply putting it on ebay, for example.
      What we can do is pin our Facebook post about Enbee to the top of the page for a week or two and allow you to post your sale offer in the comments. Who know, maybe there will be some takers, but bear in mind that they might be from other countries. This is the link to the post: Let us know if this is something that would help. Or you can simply put your sale offer in the comment and once it’s there, we’ll move the post to the top of the page.
      Also, since this page is publicly available, I’m not sure if sharing your phone number here is a good idea. Let me know if you’d like it removed from the above comment. If you want to leave it for people who might be interested in buying your Enbee set, I’d ad a country calling code (+91 if you’re in India).

  2. Pane Espanola

    Hi, I have 2 receivers: one is an old receiver, Luxman R-1050, which can handle 4 speakers and Onkyo HT-RC270, which supports maybe 11 speakers. I’m looking for a selector switch that can only accept 4 speakers for 2 receivers. My question is it okay to buy a speaker selector switch that only supports 4 speakers leaving the rest of the Onkyo speakers unconnected? By the way, I like the selector switch you made and posted on the internet. If I can use that selector switch, I would like to have one of those – depend on how much. Thanks!

    1. rafal lisinski Post author

      You basically need 2 switches like the one we made to support 2 pairs of speakers (each switch would handle 1 pair of speakers). Yes, you can leave the rest of the Onkyo speakers unconnected (or connected to Onkyo only). We could make such switches for you, contact me at for details.

    1. rafal lisinski Post author

      Standard external antenna will do (try online stores/auction sites if you don’t have a brick-and-mortar electronics store in your area). The only thing is, the cable should be terminated with bare wires, not a plug. If the antenna has a plug, you can simply cut it off. For FM, even a piece of wire can be used as an antenna.

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