PRO.2 SP 200 source/amplifier switch – gallery


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PRO.2 SP 200 is a very handy device if you have several systems and want them to use the same sound sources. This convenience unfortunately has a price: the switch adds a slight hum in the background.

The device allows to switch between 4 audio sources that can be connected simultaneously to 4 amplifiers. We have full freedom of connections, for example you can simultaneously play the sound from radio tuner through amp 1, the sound from CD player through amp 2, the sound from PC through amp 3 and the sound from bluetooth receiver through amp 4 – or play the sound from the same source through multiple amplifiers.

The switch is active and, unfortunately, does not have a perfectly quiet background (it adds a slight hum), so it is not suitable for turntables, only for line level sources, and only for systems where convenience is more important than perfect sound. If sound quality is more important, a passive switch will be a better solution. The device is obviously not suitable for switching the signal from amplifiers to passive loudspeakers, it can only be used to switch the signal from sound sources to amplifiers.

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